Explore the Countryside Autumn Festival
and Experience a Japan Heritage Tradition

Masuda English

Hosted by...Tamaki Sumikawa


Enjoy the truly unique experience of the Iwami region with the living tradition of Japan Heritage, where the world of Japanese mythology unfolds.

Throughout the autumn, many community festivals and shrine celebrations are held all over the region, and Iwami Kagura is performed in gratitude of an abundant harvest and as prayer for the good health of the community throughout the year.

Iwami Kagura is a traditional Shinto theatrical dance and music dedicated to the deities of Japanese mythology. The tradition has some hundreds of years of history and was designated as a Japan Heritage by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. It has captivated people with its magnificent dance, up-tempo music, and flamboyant costumes and masks, which are handcrafted with traditional material.

The experience starts with an introduction to a Japanese Shinto shrine and its surroundings, followed by an Iwami Kagura performance. There are often food stalls as well, so you can also savor Japanese food and drink while watching kagura.

Through the experience, you will have the chance to learn about both the world of Shinto and Japanese culture, including Japanese traditions and customs. Relish the experience with the locals, feel the beating heart of Japan, and make unforgettable memories!

¥8,000/ 1person

*Tax included

*including the gratuity offered to the kagura group
*not including travel expenses (taxi fare to and from the shrine)



Masuda JR station

[6.00pm] Departure from the station and taxi to the shrine.

*The time and details are subject to change depending on the celebration

※For example


[6.15pm] Introduction of the Shinto shrine and the surroundings.

Iwami Kagura

[7.00pm] Watch the kagura performance.

Masuda JR station

[9.00pm] Arrive at the station.


AreaMasuda city
Meeting placeMasuda station
Durationabout 3hous
supported languageEnglish
Number of guestsup to 4 people
Optional experiences・Dining at izakaya (Japanese style pub) or sushi restaurant (2 hours, 2,000 yen plus the meal expense including the guide’s expense)

・Visit to a sake brewery (1 hour, 4,000 yen including a brewery tour and sake tasting)
Notes*The time and details are subject to change depending on the celebration.
*For other dates or larger groups, please inquire as arrangements can be tailored to meet alternative plans. There are shrine celebrations and events on other occasions in which kagura is performed at certain times of the year, and private visits to a kagura group’s studio may also be available depending on their availability.

Meeting place

About me

Tamaki Sumikawa

I was born in Masuda and grew up surrounded by abundant nature and the sounds of kagura. I love exploring the world, and I also lived in Tokyo and abroad for years to study art and work in traditional and contemporary performing art fields. From these experiences, I also learned more about Japan, its culture, and its tradition objectively in comparison with other cultures. Having met and worked with many people from around the world, I respect and admire various cultures and religions. I can also understand and speak some Italian, Turkish, French, and Korean.
I also have experience working at a family art gallery and café and at restaurants abroad, which has brought me to a greater appreciation of art and cooking.
Today I feel even more fortunate to live in Masuda, blessed with both the beautiful sea and mountains, which bring us fresh and tasty seafood, vegetables, fruits, and even sake.
Let me be a bridge between you and Japanese culture to make your stay here and in Japan unforgettable.