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HIKIMI - The Green Diamond of Shimane -

Hikimi Ravine
匹見峡 (Hikimikyô)

Four ravines with different landscapes are collectively called the Hikimi Ravine. Among these, Oku-Hikimi Ravine, Omote-Hikimi Ravine, and Oku-Hikimi Ravine are designated as the Nishi-Chugoku Sanchi Quasi-National Park. Locals and tourists often enjoy walking around Oku-Hikimi and Ura-Hikimi Ravines. If you do not wish to walk, there is a road along Omote-Hikimi Ravine and you can enjoy the view of the ravine and other beautiful scenery from your car window. Proceed to Omote-Hikimi Ravine after taking the old road before the tunnel.

Oku-Hikimi Ravine

Ura-Hikimi Ravine


The Limpid Stream ~清流(Seiryû)~

Hikimi is located in the branch watershed of the Takatsu River, which is designated many times as the most limpid river in Japan. The river water in Hikimi is so limpid that you can see the river bed that is sure to touch your heart. The limpid water nourishes wasabi and sweet fish, the specialties of Hikimi. You can also find Ninoshiro Crystal Spring on a wall on the way between Omote-Hikimi Ravine tunnel and the town center. Many people enjoy drinking this water.

→Uzume-meshi(Local Cuisine of Hikimi)

→Directions and transportation

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①Hikimi Ravine Roadside Station
~道の駅匹見峡(Michinoeki Hikimikyo)~

Located along the Route 191, the roadside station has a car park, toilets, and a bus stop for the Hiroshima-Masuda highway bus. The adjacent shop Deai-no-sato Michikawa sells the local specialties and fresh vegetables.

Shop: 8am - 5pm
Closed from January 1 to 3

Minoji House ~美濃地屋敷(Minoji Yashiki)~

A folklore museum and the old house with a big thatched roof. The Minoji family thrived on traditional iron making and was a rich headman controlling neighboring villages during the late Edo period(18th-19th C). The main house, rice storehouse, and gate portray the construction style and the people's lives at the time. The house also offers a special meal twice a month. You can enjoy the vegetarian meal prepared with the local ingredients and served on lacquerware which is more than 250 years old (reservation is required in advance)

FREE  9am - 4pm, Closed on Monday and the following day of holiday, and from the end of December to the end of February

Wood Park ~ウッドパーク(Uddo Pâku)~

A facility where visitors can learn about history, natural environment, and the local people in Hikimi. Forest covers 97% of the town's area, and wood has been involved in people's lives since ancient times. The exhibit includes the antiquities of the Jomon period (14,000 - 300 BC) and Yayoi period (300 BC - 250 AD), woodwork including serving dishes, 300 types of puzzles collected from all over the world, and stuffed forest animals. Visitors can also enjoy the wooden puzzles in the playing area.

FREE Monday-Friday: 8.30am - 5.15pm, Saturday-Sunday & holiday: 9am-5pm

Mystery House
~ミステリーハウス(Misuterî Hausu)~

This obliquely constructed house on the slope brings a mysterious change to your sense of balance. Amuse yourself with illusions including an obliquely rolling ball and backward flowing water. Watch your step not to lose your balance and fall.

9am – 5pm, Irregular holidays
Closed on bad weather days, and from December to March

Great Maze ~メイズ(Meizu)~

Try to reach the goal via four check points (M, A, Z, E) in less than 30 minutes at this gigantic wooden maze.

9am – 5pm, Irregular holidays
Closed on bad weather days, and from December to March

⑥Hikimi Central Park
~匹見中央公園(Hikimi Chûo Kôen)~

The park has various outdoor sport facilities including a baseball field, tennis courts, and a Japanese-origin ground golf field. Visitors can enjoy a 70m-long giant roller slide, a tarzan rope, and unique tricycles.

8.30am – 5pm, Closed on Monday 

⑦JA Shimane Hikimi Branch Hikimi Gas Station
~JA しまね匹見支店 匹見給油所~

The only gas station in Hikimi.
Monday-Friday: 7am - 6pm, Saturday : 8:30am - 5pm
Closed on Sunday

Uzume-meshi (うずめ飯)

Uzume-meshi, literally meaning burying rice, is a local specialty dish of Hikimi and the mountain region in western Shimane Prefecture.
There are several stories about the origin of its name. It is said that in the old times when people were not allowed to have anything of luxury, the locals treated their guests to wasabi hidden in rice.
First, stewed root vegetables and chicken are placed in a bowl, then topped with grated wasabi, and finally covered with rice.
Wasabi is the essential for this dish. As is written in the Iwami Chronicle written in the Edo period wasabi was actively cultivated in Hikimi at that time. It is considered the dish may have existed 200 years ago.

Available at the following restaurants

⑧Yamaboushi 山法師
A restaurant at the Hikimi Ravine Onsen

⑨Cook House クックハウス
A restaurant at the Hikimi Ravine Rest Area. Enjoy char-grill BBQ and the original wasabi ice cream.

⑬Nemu-no-ki  ねむの木

A western food restaurant in a forest. It has a good selection of wasabi dishes including Hikimi Ravine Spaghetti garnished with pickled wasabi leaves.  
Lunch: 11am – 2pm (last order 1.20pm)
Dinner: 5pm – 8pm (last order 7.20pm)
Closed on Monday


⑧Hikimi Ravine Onsen Yasuragi-no-yu
~匹見峡温泉やすらぎの湯 (Hikimikyô Yasuragi no yu)~

A popular onsen with mild and smooth spring water referred to as the water of beauty. The onsen has a rock bath, a cypress bath, and harbal bath, an outdoor bath, and a sauna. Guests with battoos are also welcomed.

Adult(over 13 years old):617yen, under 12 years old :200yen, infant:free
Bath: 11am - 9pm(last entry 8.30pm)
Restaurant: Monday - Friday : 11am - 2pm, Saturday - Sunday & holiday: 5pm - 7pm
Shop: 7am - 9pm, Closed on Monday
⑨Hikimi Ravine Rest Area
~匹見峡レストパーク (Hikimikyô Resuto Pâku)~
Shop: 9am - 5pm, Closed from January to February
Restaurant: 10.30am - 5pm (last order 4.30pm), Closed from Descember to March, Closed on Wednesday
A Tourist facility at the entrance of Ura-Hikimi Ravine. The facility includes cottages and a camp site, and BBQ is also available. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, playing in the river water, and fishing in the mountain stream.

⑩Auberge WASABI
~オーベルジュわさび (Ôberuju Wasabi)~

A guest house of a 200-year-old Japanese-style house. The owner is a wasabi farmer, and guests can enjoy various experiences with wasabi at request. Meals in a room with a traditional Japanese sunken hearth is also available by advance reservation.


⑪Toraya Ryokan
~とらや旅館(Toraya Ryokan)~

The oldest ryokan in Hikimi. Enjoy the relaxing time with the view of Hikimi River running in front of the ryokan.


⑫Taisho ~大将(Taishô)

A small guest house with four Japanese-style rooms. Enjoy talking with the friendly landlady.


Directions and transportation

【By Car】

When coming from Iwakuni and Hiroshima, car GPS may navigate towards Yoshiwa IC, however please make sure to exit at Togochi IC. The road from Yoshiwa to Hikimi (Yoshiwa IC - Route 488) is closed.

From Iwakuni to Hikimi → 2h 30min (one-way)
Sanyo Expressway - Hiroshima Iwakuni Road - Sanyo Expressway - Hiroshima Expressway - Chugoku Expressway - Togochi IC Route 191 - Prefectural Road 307

From Hiroshima to Hikimi → 2h (one-way)
Sanyo Expressway - Hiroshima Expressway - Chugoku Expressway - Togochi IC Route 191 - Prefectural Road 307

From Masuda to Hikimi  → 45min (one-way)
Route 9 - Route 488, or Route 191 - Prefectural Road 307 

【By Bus】

From Hiroshima

1. Hiroshima - Chugoku Expressway Togochi IC – Deaibara (Hikimi Ravine Roadside Station) → 2h (one-way)
Iwami Kotsu runs 2 express buses daily from the bus stop in front of the Shinkansen Exit of JR Hiroshima Station (and the Hiroshima Bus Center) to Masuda Station via Togochi IC (Shin-Koeki Line). The Japan Rail Pass is not valid for this line. 

2. Deaibara (Hikimi Ravine Roadside Station) – Hikimi town center → 15min (one-way)
It is highly recommended to take the Yamabiko bus or local taxi (reservation is required in advance for both) for the transportation between Deaibara and the town center. Please contact Masuda City Dept. of Tourism for the details.

From Masuda
JR Masuda Station - Hikimi  → 70min (one-way)
Iwami Kotsu operates 5 buses daily from Monday to Saturday (4 buses on Sundays and holidays).


【By Air】

From Tokyo

1.Tokyo Haneda Airport – Hagi-Iwami Airport (Masuda)  → 1h 30min


2.Hagi-Iwami Airport – JR Masuda Station → 15min (one-way)
  Buses and taxis run between the airport and the station.

3.JR Masuda Station – Hikimi  → 70min (one-way)

   * Please take the bus for the transportation from JR Masuda Station to Hikimi.