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Mito Onsen "Yumoto-kan"

(Hot spring)
Mito Onsen is an external hot spring by a stream in a mountain. The hot spring makes your skin smooth so it is well known as "A Hot Spring for Beauty". In November, Yuzu citrines are floated in the bath.

Otani Onsen"Kajika-so"

( Hot spring & Hotel )
This is a Japanese style hotel with a hot spring in a mountain. People used to stay many days for "toji(hot spring therapy). In June, many hydrangeas are blooming and lightening bugs are flying around the hotel.

Hikimi-kyo Onsen "Yasuragi-no-yu"

(Hot spring & Hotel )
Hikimi-kyo Onsen is located in a small village near the Hikimi-kyo Gorge. From the open-air bath, you can enjoy seasonable views of the mountains. All hot spring water in the tub is replaced every morning.

Araiso Onsen "Araiso-kan"

(Hot spring & Hotel)

Hotel Araiso-kan is located next to the Sea of Japan and has a clean and wide spa facing the sea. Some rooms also have a hot spring bath on the terrace. The hotel recommends a fresh seafood lunch or dinner. Karaoto Daffodils Park is also nearby.


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